You Should Take The Time To Find Out What Is Going To Happen During Your Pregnancy

At times pregnancy can be extremely overwhelming, particularly if the mother-to-be is unprepared on what to expect. The next few paragraphs will serve as your field guide to pregnancy.

TIP! Make sure you take good care of your teeth and regularly visit your dentist. There are a variety of dental issues which can arise at this time.

Purchase maternity undergarments early. You are going to have more wearable clothing that is comfortable if you are pregnant. Shopping for maternity clothing is nothing to be embarrassed about. You must pick out the clothing that looks great and feels comfortable.

During pregnancy, good dental care is important and so is visiting the dentist. Pregnancy has been known to make a lot of dental problems occur, such as gingivitis. Brush and floss teeth twice daily, and use a good mouthwash. If you encounter any issues, check in with your dentist.

TIP! You should increase your caloric intake by 300-500 calories a day when you’re pregnant. You are feeding not only yourself now but also your baby.

Hire a doula. A doula is someone who is trained to be a birth coach. They will give you much needed strength and support during your delivery. They can offer experience and comfort and help guide you and your partner through the process.

Premature Labor

TIP! Before giving birth, visit the hospital first. Look around and get a tour so you can meet the staff.

Be certain you know all premature labor signs. To understand everything about premature labor, read about it so you will know if you need to get in touch with your doctor.

Stay away from saunas and hot tubs during pregnancy. Being in so much heat can be harmful to your baby. Some spas may use oils that are known to cause early contractions. Stay away from things like clary sage, juniper and rosemary.

TIP! It’s crucial that you be tested for pregnancy the very moment you think you might be pregnant. If you don’t take a pregnancy test in a timely manner, you may miss the opportunity to receive important prenatal care or experience preventable complications.

If you are feeling nervous about your upcoming birth, read a selection of birth stories that others have posted online. You can get some facts from books, but reading a story straight from the mom is better. Reading those stories will help you feel more calm about everything.

Folic Acid

TIP! Try sleeping on the left side of your body once you reach your third trimester. Sleeping on your left provides your baby with a good blood supply, and allows easy circulation to your kidneys as well as the uterus.

Buy a prenatal vitamin with the appropriate amount of folic acid. Folic acid is integral to prevention of neural tube issues. The cell and tissue development of the fetus depends on folic acid also.

Maternity clothes can be found cheap at consignment stores and thrift shops. You won’t be wearing these clothes for long, so don’t pay full price. You are sure to realize serious savings, both financially and in terms of the environment.

TIP! It is normal to be excited about preparing a nursery for an incoming baby. Be careful to think about the fumes you may be exposing your fetus to.

When you are pregnant, you must avoid all alcohol. When pregnant women consume alcohol, it goes right through their placenta, and into their unborn child. This is why it is recommended that women wishing to become pregnant or those that already are pregnant refrain from drinking any type of alcohol. Babies who are exposed to alcohol in the womb can be born with mental or physical birth defects. In addition, women who drink alcohol while pregnant are more likely to have a miscarriage or give birth prematurely.

Don’t sit too long. Pregnancy often comes with swollen ankles and feet, especially in the afternoon. This is caused by the strain pregnancy puts on the body’s circulation. The longer you sit, the worse the swelling can become. There are a few things you can do to fight the swelling, including soaking your feet in icy water, wearing loose socks, sleeping with your body angled to the left, and refraining from sitting with your legs crossed at the ankles.

TIP! When pregnant, you should never expose yourself to your cat’s soiled litter. Toxoplasmosis can be contracted by pregnant women who change the litter in their cat boxes.

Skin is elastic, but it can only stretch to a certain point. While the pregnant belly grows, it’s common to become itchy. Avoid hot baths, as they will make the itching worse. Hot water depletes your skin’s natural oils and causes it to itch even more. Make sure you moisturize with a heavy moisturizer, like petroleum jelly or cocoa butter. Get clothes that are loose fitting and resist the urge to scratch; try rubbing the itches with lotion instead.

Pregnancy is a big step and with it comes many changes to your emotions and your body. The latter can be captured along the way with some great pictures. Once the new baby is born, your attention will fully be given to care of the infant, making it easy to forget the special moments of pregnancy.

TIP! If an illness during pregnancy causes diarrhea, make sure to increase the amount of water you drink. Diarrhea can lead to dehydration, which may require hospitalization and IV fluids.

As was stated in the beginning of the article, pregnancy can be overwhelming if you are not educated on the subject. By learning about pregnancy, you are helping both your baby and yourself. Alleviate your concerns by following the good advice found here.

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