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Duette/Triplette Stroller (Chassis, 3 Seats, Basket)

stroller is perfect for parents with young children, grandparents,
and child care providers.

is obviously an older version of the Italian company’s elite
stroller. That said, it is a testament to the quality and
versatility of the Peg-Perego products.


  • Metal
    Chassis (stronger and more
    resiliant than plastic

  • Removable
    Metal Basket (easy to
    clean/wont snag or tear as a fabric
    netting basket will)

  • Removable
    (and Easily Replaced)

  • Three
    Seats – Accommodate children age birth-preschool

  • Seats and footrests have multiple positions

  • Seats
    can be placed in a variety of positions, facing either direction

  • Stroller
    can function with either two or three seats

  • Linear
    design makes maneuvering thru doorways, stores, and public areas
    easier than when using a side-by-side model

  • Peg-Perego
    products are well made, with a stellar reputation

  • Each
    seat has the ability to add a canopy


  • It
    is metal, not plastic, making it much tougher than many of today’s

  • This
    metal chassis easily folds flat, to transport or store.

  • The
    basket easily pops in and out for quick cleaning.

do not have an instruction manual. However, I took photos of each
step required to dismantle and fold the stroller. I can forward
those pics to anyone interested.


  • The
    seats allow you to transport your child from birth-preschool. If
    you have a newborn, preshooler, and a toddler (as my daughter does!)
    you can use the same stroller for all three kids.

  • The
    seats have three different reclining positions. (I have included
    pics of each position. ) The backrest has three positions, as does the footrest!

  • Each
    seat has the ability to attach a canopy to the top. It snaps in
    place on each side of the seat. ( I do not have canopies for my

  • The
    Stroller allows you to either use two seats, or three, depending on
    your needs.

  • The
    seats can face in either direction—they can even face each other.

Linear Design-

  • The
    stroller places one seat in front of the other

  • The
    linear design (vs. strollers with side-by-side seating) allows you
    to pass through doorways easier, maneuver through aisles, and work
    your way through a crowded mall, zoo, or amusement park.

  • It
    also makes evening walks through the neighborhood, or trips to the
    local park much simpler. You do not take up the entire sidewalk, as
    you would in a side-by-side stroller. The linear design also
    benefits those who live in a more rural setting, allowing you to
    stay on the side of the road

purchased the stroller pre-owned, from a local pre-school owner, to
use when walking with my grandchildren. Unfortunately I am
undergoing ankle reconstruction, and a very long recovery. It seems
silly to store it for a year or longer, while I am incapacitated.
That said, I do not have the original box or instruction manual for
the stroller. I have packaged it into three boxes that I will ship
to the buyer.

stroller has obvious signs of wear. The tires have paint chipping in
a few areas. I know that you can
replacement tires on-line, for a very reasonable price.

the years I have purchased many strollers. I was the principal of a
private grade school/preschool, consulted and purchased equipment for
new area facilities, operated my own in-home preschool, and am a
mother and grandmother. I have had repeated problems with strollers
(from quality companies) that are plastic and compact. They fade,
break, dont open/close as they are supposed to…..This stroller does
not have any of these issues. It is sturdy, and more importantly,
accommodates different age groups.

Stroller Dimensions:

*Approximately 70″ from handle to footrest (length)

*Approximately 39″ from handle to floor (height)

*Approximately 19″ off floor (seat height)

*Approximate measurements of chassis folded: 12″ H x 47″ L x 20″W (wheel to wheel)

*Approximate seat measurements: Seat Backrest-19″ Seat Footrest-10″

If purchased at the “Buy It Now” price, I will cover shipping costs. If we negotiate a price, the buyer will be responsible for shipping costs. As of now, it will ship in 3 boxes. The weights are approximate, based on our home scale.

Box #1: 18lbs- 18″ x 22″ x 24″- Contains 2 seats

Box #2: 15lbs- 18″ x 10″ x 33″-Contains 1 seat/Basket/Tires

Box #3: 27lbs- 23″ x 8″ x 51″-Contains Chassis and Tires

from the seller:

you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact me so we can
resolve the issue. I am happy to discuss any concerns you may have.
That said, I make every effort to accurately describe the
item(s) for sale. Please remember, I am not an expert—just a
mom! All items are sold as is. I try to inspect items
for damage, but I am human. It is completely possible I may
miss something.

several relatives have recently passed away, and their estate sales
have left me with many items I am unfamiliar with. I do my best
to research and describe them. Because I am not an expert, I
include many photos, and encourage you to request more pictures if
you would like additional “info” about an item. A photo can
tell you much more than I can! I am always willing to answer
questions or send you additional photos.


is expected within 48 hours of the purchase. If there is a
problem, please contact me. I am happy to work with you. I do
not charge a handling fee, so shipping is based on package size and


purchase tracking for every purchase. If the package is lost in
the mail, please contact me. I will work with you to contact
the shipping agent and locate the item. Please do not hold me
accountable for any delay caused by the Postal Service. Unfortunately
I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE USPS. If I ship something other
than priority or first class mail (media mail, for example) , please
understand that it may take up to ten days to arrive. During
the holiday season shipping times may be delayed even further.

very carefully package all items. I include insurance on all items
that are potentially breakable during the shipping process, as well
as on any item that is of significant value. In case of damage,
filing of insurance claim is the responsibility of the buyer. I have
listed a 2 day handling time. In most instances the turnaround
time is much quicker than that. However, we travel most
weekends (our son wrestles in college), so if you purchase a product
on a Friday afternoon/evening, there is a chance that it may not go
out in the mail until Monday morning (no service on Sundays).


am very anxious to work with you, should any problem arise. My
goal is to make sure you are happy with your purchase. As I
said, I am just a mom,
a consumer
I try to provide you with the same quality of service/product that I
expect. Thank you so much for your time….ENJOY!


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